About ስለእኛ

Mission Statement

Global Outreach of the Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahedo Church (GOEOTC) is a program under the leadership of Archbishop and two executive members of GOEOTC. It aims to protect and safeguard Christians in Ethiopia and abroad from state and/or non-state sanctioned atrocities including genocide, ethnic cleansing, persecution, violence, and other human rights violations based on their religion, ethnicity, race, or other form of identity.

Global Outreach will partner with other sister churches and local organizations in various countries with the plan to foster communities of scholars and professionals who will conduct research and development aimed at restoring hope to the hopeless; who will take steps to prevent anticipated atrocities or raise awareness when atrocities do take place. Global Outreach shares the ultimate goals of creating a global network of Christian and allies to promote and advocate for democratic principles, human rights, justice, equality, diversity and free press in solidarity with any institutions that share these values.

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